Wreath Sales

Every year Guild Members are encouraged to sell wreath products as an effort to raise funds for the Wenatchee Children's Foundation. Products for sale include wreaths, centerpieces, garland, swag, and holiday decor from Sherwood Forest Farms.

Wreath orders can either be taken via the paper selling forms in your wreath packets, through our online shop on our website, or new this year, through our group sales website.  We encourage everyone to either use the paper form or the group sales website, sales through our website online shop are charged a small processing fee.  See below for info regarding the new group sales website.

All wreath orders are due November 2. Payments are due November 13. Products need to be picked up on Sunday, November 24 (everyone will be contacted with times and pick-up locations) and distributed to those who have placed orders. Once you pick-up your orders, you will be expected to deliver your products to all of your purchasers (unless they opted for Direct Delivery).

For questions, please contact  Tina Petersen at chrisntina2430@charter.net or Jenny Parks at jlparks@nwi.net or text her at (509) 679-2363.

NEW in 2020 - Group Sales Website

This year, the Follies will have the ability to collect and submit orders on our group sales website. Not only can supporters visit our site to purchase, but you now have access to your own participant portal to view and enter orders taken from friends and loved ones. For your convenience, all members are preregistered and your account information is listed below.


  1. To access your account, visit: https://sherwoodfundraiser.com/WenatcheeValleyFolliesGuild and click on the red “Participant Login” button on the upper right side of the page.

  2. Next, use your assigned username and password to log in, on the ‘Sherwood Forest Farms’ Participant Portal’ screen.

  3. After logging in,  you may view and add orders in the “View Orders” area of the portal. Make sure to check the order list periodically to coordinate payment collection with your supporters. If you have orders collected from face-to-face sales, please add them to the portal in the “View Orders” section. By using this system, we will have access to our order lists annually, making the sale season a breeze.


Please share our group link https://sherwoodfundraiser.com/WenatcheeValleyFolliesGuild with friends, family, and on social media. Make sure your supporter selects your name during the checkout process to help track orders.


Username: Your user name is your first name and the initial of your last name (TinaP), except for Kit your User name is KitEv, Sandy Towne your User name is SandyTo, Eva your User name is EvaLa. If you have trouble with your Username let me know.

Password: wreath

OTHER REMINDERS:  22" wreaths and door swags return the most money back to the Guild.  Also, please remember it takes TWO garlands to cover an entire door frame.