Wreath Sales

Every year Guild Members are encouraged to sell wreath products as an effort to raise funds for the Wenatchee Children's Foundation. Products for sale include wreaths, centerpieces, garland, swag, and holiday decor from Sherwood Forest Farms.

Full product information can be found on our website: www.wenatcheefolliesguild.org/wreaths-garlands

Unfortunately, the Guild is charged a small fee for every online sale, so we highly recommend selling all of your products in person so we can utilize every dollar earned.

We can now sell wreath products to purchasers from out of the area with 'Direct Delivery Items'. Shipping costs are included in the price per item.

All wreath orders are due November 5. Payments are due November 13. Products need to be picked up on Sunday, November 24 (everyone will be contacted with times and pick-up locations) and distributed to those who have placed orders. Once you pick-up your orders, you will be expected to deliver your products to all of your purchasers (unless they opted for Direct Delivery)

For questions, please contact  Ginny at 509-669-0450 / GHeinitz@msn.com  or  Tina at chrisntina2430@charter.net

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