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Wenatchee Valley Follies Guild and Children's Foundation takes pride in helping our community.  If you or someone you know needs our assistance, please submit the support request form below to let us know about it. Along with monetary support, the Guild can provide supplies and volunteer assistance, so please be specific about all of your needs.

Submission deadline is the 25th of each month, for approval by the second Wednesday of the following month.



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Request Details

Is the request for monetary funds?

Please provide details regarding the funds recipient (landlord, utility company, bank, school, etc.). 

We do not disburse funds directly to beneficiaries.   

Is this an emergency request?

Are there other resources currently addressing this need, or have any other resources been applied for (i.e. Serve Wenatchee, Catholic Services, the educational system, etc.)?

Does the beneficiary give permission to use their image in promotional photos and/or videos? (Does not affect eligibility)

Does the beneficiary give permission to use their name in promotional material? (Does not affect eligibility)

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