1948 - Follies

President: Marguerite Neel
Follies Chair: Marguerite Neel
Director: Charles Raymond
Dates: Nov. 3 and 4, 1948
Liberty Theater ticket price $1.75 - $2.75
Cast: 80 members
Raised: $4,344.76
St. Anthony’s – furnished 4 rooms
Deaconess – purchased X-ray equipment

The first meeting of the Junior Wenatchee Hospital Guild was on February 10, 1948. In nine short months, they hired a director, gathered sponsorships and staged the first Wenatchee Follies in November 1948.


1973 - Thanks for the Memories (25th Anniversary)

1973 Follies Program Cover 25 yr.jpg

President: Susan Cammack

Follies Chair: Jill Kuntz
Director: Michael Pober
Dates: Feb. 9 & 10, 1973
Wenatchee High School 

Raised: $11,000.00
St. Anthony’s & Deaconess Hospitals

The 25th anniversary of the Follies saw the production move from the Liberty Theatre to the WHS auditorium. The opening number, “Consider Yourself at Home” was performed by over 100 of our local, talented citizens. It was a successful mix of nostalgia from the previous 8 shows, as well as a celebration, signifying the 25 year organization.

Following the show, the first big cast party was held, becoming a tradition to toast the hard work of everyone involved.

The total monies raised were $11,000.00 benefiting St. Anthony’s and Deaconess Hospitals.

1998 - Memories

1998 Follies Program Cover 50 yr.jpg

President: Karen Wade
Follies Chair: Margaret Badgley
Follies Co-Chair: Donna Parsons
Director: Edward H. Horner Jr.
Dates: Feb. 5, 6, 7, 1988
Wenatchee High School

Raised: $42,000.00
Cancer Care of N.C.W.
“Our House”

This Follies marked 50 years of history and community service by the Junior Wenatchee Follies Guild soon to become known as, Wenatchee Valley Follies Guild. The show was of the typical Follies variety-well worn show tunes, culminating in a vocal medley from “Fiddler on the Roof”. The year 1998 marked the final Guild association with Cargill Productions and the last time the show was presented at WHS.

The total monies raised were $42,000.00 benefiting the Cancer Care of N.C.W. “Our House”.

2013 - Shaken with a Twist of Sublime

President: Connie Morris
Follies Chair: Chris Gamble
Follies Co-Chair: Cathy Roozen
Director: Jaime Donegan
Dates: Feb. 1, 2, 3, 2013
Performing Arts Center 

Raised: $50,000.00
Gave $25,000.00 to Solomon’s Porch
Gave $25,000.00 to Wellness Place

Marking its 65th year, Follies 2013 was a “sublime” event. Director Jaime Donegan returned to stage his 5th Wenatchee Follies production. With the largest cast ever, the community collaboration resulted in a collection of production numbers, comedy acts, singing and dancing that had us clapping our hands, stamping our feet and laughing until our sides hurt. It was the first year the Guild selected 2 beneficiaries- Solomon’s Porch and Wellness Place


2016 - a la Mode

President: Tammi Meade
Follies Chair: Shana Anders
Follies Co-Chair: Amy Sembritzky
Director: Jaime Donegan
Dates: Jan. 28, 29, 30, 2016
Numerica Performing Arts Center

Raised: $62,250.00
Mobile Meals of Wenatchee

2016 was the 68th  anniversary of the Wenatchee Valley Follies Guild and it was another amazing show to behold!  Our amazing director, Jaime Donegan, did it again with the help of very talented community volunteers.  Reviews raved "the best show yet" and "fantastic, funny, very professional and full of surprises!".  Such a blessing to have so much fun raising a record donation for the truly worthy organization Mobile Meals of Wenatchee!